Do you know your Why?

Do you know your Why?

I've been asked some provoking questions recently that have made me stop and consider more deeply what Wake Up Kate is all about.

After carefully processing each question, I realized they all came down to one single question:

Why Wake Up Kate?

Wake Up Kate originally started as a call to action to myself to WAKE UP in my life and take greater care of ME. 

I soon discovered that staying awake in my life and practising self care wasn't just another 'to do'... it was a habit that became a way of life.

That's one of the secrets you need to know about how to maintain any kind of REAL change in your work and life........

This one thing could change your day

This one thing could change your day


It's the gateway to creativity, care, change and possibility and has gently shifted my ability to face adversities in life.

We're all curious by nature, it's innate in us. But many of us lose it over time. It vanishes. Partly because of the way our brains map experience and partly because of our conditioning, culture and education.  

Adopting a mindful attitude of friendly curiosity means......

How to believe in yourself

How to believe in yourself

Wisdom is beautiful.

Much of our wisdom comes from life experience, both good and bad; a process that takes a lot of time and a lot of living. The more curious and open we are to learning from it, the more transformational it can be. 

There's also a wisdom that exists inside ourselves. 

I learned a few years ago, how little I paid attention to my inner wisdom and instinct. How too much of my goal setting was reliant on left brain thinking - thinking that caused me stress and left me with a constantly churning mind, often for days.

Then I discovered something remarkable....

3 steps to becoming more resilient

3 steps to becoming more resilient

Many of us don't bounce back after getting knocked down. 

The main consequence of living in a culture that’s so focused on planning, certainty and perfection is that we have no idea what to do when things go wrong.

When the job you thought you would love turns out to be a disaster. When your romantic relationship falls apart. When you realize that everything you’ve worked so hard for doesn’t make you happy. 

We come crashing down. Then what? .......

Is flow the secret to happiness?

Is flow the secret to happiness?


Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a leading authority on positive psychology.

A good friend of mine living in Singapore asked me recently if I'm finding 'a flow' with all I'm learning and doing - as a side note - I recently transitioned from a 19 year career in marketing and branding to move into the business of emotional resilience.

I digress, back to flow.............

I LOVE that she asked that question.