Matt Killingsworth

Finding calm in a noisy world

Finding calm in a noisy world

What if I told you that the secret to finding stress relief and calm was to stop trying to get calm or relaxed?

I'm not saying that lying on a beach, taking a vacation or going to the spa are the wrong things to do. They have a place in our life and are important. But when it comes to meditation and finding ways to relax and calm down, the last thing you want to do is say to yourself: “Man I’m feeling stressed. It feels like my head is spinning. I have to find a way to clear my busy mind.” 

One of the biggest myths about meditation is the belief that you have to somehow empty your head of thoughts, and achieve a kind of 'uber-focus' - like a zen monk.....

Do you know your Why?

Do you know your Why?

I've been asked some provoking questions recently that have made me stop and consider more deeply what Wake Up Kate is all about.

After carefully processing each question, I realized they all came down to one single question:

Why Wake Up Kate?

Wake Up Kate originally started as a call to action to myself to WAKE UP in my life and take greater care of ME. 

I soon discovered that staying awake in my life and practising self care wasn't just another 'to do'... it was a habit that became a way of life.

That's one of the secrets you need to know about how to maintain any kind of REAL change in your work and life........