Kate is a Qualified Mindfulness Consultant, International Speaker and Brand Strategist.


Imagine waking up every day and going to work with a renewed sense of purpose. Kate helps organizations inspire people through mindfulness and corporate stress resilience workshops, retreats and tailored courses.

As a senior marketing and branding executive, Kate spent 19 years working internationally and with leading global companies including Mars, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Kraft, until a wake up call prompted her to reexamine her priorities. As a seasoned senior executive, Kate understands the realities of motivating a high-performance team. In 2014 she began accomplishing her most important work bringing mindfulness based social and emotional skills to corporations, schools and healthcare.

Kate has studied mindfulness meditation and interpersonal neurobiology since 2011. She has continually deepened her practice at silent led retreats with Shinzen Young in Vipassana insight meditation as well as The Centre For Mindfulness In Medicine, University Of Massachusetts, Boston. She also completed her formal teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with the highly regarded international MBSR Professional Education and Training at University of Massachusetts Medical School. Most recently Kate completed the intensive Mind Body Medicine Training with Saki Santoreli, Florence Meleo-Meyer and Judson Brewer. Kate thrives on an active daily meditation practice of her own embodying mindfulness as a way of life.


Let's talk about stress.


For a good portion of my career I allowed stress to dictate my actions. I experienced burn out at least three times. Most of the time I either wasn't aware of how stress was impacting me or I chose to ignore it because I was 'too busy' to pay attention. When work or life was overwhelming, I'd make external changes in an attempt to find balance such as taking sabbaticals and even moving to a new country. Eventually I  defaulted to old behaviours and continued to allow stress to dictate. I couldn't bounce back because my mental resiliency was totally depleted. 

It was a third wake up call that got my full attention -  I was diagnosed with cancer. This set me on a path to empower myself and others with tools to reframe stress. In the process I made some interesting discoveries. Firstly, how much of the time I would race through my day and lose myself in autopilot mode (research shows that the average person is in autopilot 47% of the time).  Autopilot mode is similar to driving your car, arriving at your destination then discovering you don't remember a thing about the journey. Or, opening a bag of nuts, suddenly noticing the packet is empty and observing you've eaten a whole bag without even realizing. I became aware of how much of the time my mind was 'wandering' and how frequently I was getting lost in 'doing' and 'striving' to get more 'stuff done' instead of living fully. 

As I began training in mindfulness, meditation and interpersonal neurobiology it was intriguing to discover and experience, through direct practice, how much communication with others and self reflection is influenced by physical sensations in the body, emotions and thoughts. Prior to my training I had always assumed the mind and body were separate functioning parts. In fact they are completely integrated in how they operate. This could have ground-breaking implications for how we function and thrive in the workplace.



Kate speaks frequently to companies and associations. She inspires people to make a change.

Current speaking topics.



Whether you're an organization or individual exploring new ways to thrive, reinvention has become essential for growth and success. In fact, we need to reinvent more frequently today because the world is changing faster than ever. This presentation explores the most current methodologies for reinvention including welcoming adversity, being more present and learning why transparency is key to building trust.


Freedom, if we're lucky to have it, is often associated with having more choice and success is often linked to having material things. Many argue that this vast freedom of choice and material-driven success is leaving people feeling overwhelmed, mentally exhausted and stressed. In this talk we take a deep dive into simplicity, its relationship with complexity and how to build more simplicity into our work and life.


Discover why organizations are turning to mindfulness and stress resilience training to grow high-performance teams and improve their bottom line. In this session, we give a candid, eye-opening talk about stress and what it's costing business. We'll talk to you about mindfulness and why it could change your life and career, the benefits to business and how to apply it immediately to work and life.   

WORK-LIFE integration 

A surprising and thought provoking look at the myth of work-life balance. The traditional walls that separated our personal and professional lives no longer exist because we live in a hyper connected world. Work-life has become a fictitious split and when we strive to find the 'perfect' balance it can do more harm to our health than good. This talk explores why we need to sharpen our attentional awareness, stay focused in the present moment and be less judging of ourselves.

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