Download my free one-minute meditation guide + audio and learn how to meditate without needing a yoga mat, a candle or a darkened room. 

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  • We facilitate mindfulness meditation training and research-based programs for organizations & individuals with powerful, experiential keynotes, workshops and retreats all over North America. 

  • Our Half Day and Full Day Workshops and Retreats or any of our other programs can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization or professional team. 

  • We can also help your organization build your understanding of mindfulness meditation and resilience through consulting.

Mindfulness is part of a fast growing, leading edge movement that's creating sustainable change. There's a shortage of skilled companies like Wake Up Kate with formal training in mindfulness meditation, expertise in neuroscience and a powerful understanding of the corporate world. 

Kate you are truly a gifted facilitator. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such empathy and compassion. You are inspirational. So much of what you shared has resonated deeply with me. I’ve experienced adversity many times in my life but in the last few years it has affected my health and happiness and I’ve been searching for how to regain my balance. Your retreat was just what I needed. Thank you for ‘waking’ me up and helping me find my way back to me.
— Carolyn Simpson, President, Money Moods Incorporated
  • It makes us more resilient and gives us the ability to bounce back quicker after challenges.

  • It helps us see failure as an opportunity and stretch beyond our comfort zones.

  • It strengthens our concentration power and focus, which supercharges our learning potential.

  • It helps us regulate our emotions and be less reactive and more responsive and open.

  • It helps us work with stress more skillfully, and view it as a friend, not an enemy.

  • It increases our sense of wonder, curiosity and creativity.

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