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REINVENT with mindfulness

Whether you're an organization or individual exploring new ways to thrive, reinvention has become essential for growth and success. In fact, we need to reinvent more frequently today because the world is changing faster than ever. This presentation explores the most current methodologies for reinvention including welcoming adversity, being more present and learning why transparency is key to building trust.

SIMPLICITY and mindfulness 

Freedom, if we're lucky to have it, is often associated with having more choice and success is often linked to having material things. Many argue that this vast freedom of choice and material-driven success is leaving people feeling overwhelmed, mentally exhausted and stressed. In this talk we take a deep dive into simplicity, its relationship with complexity and how to build more simplicity into our work and life.


Discover why organizations are turning to mindfulness and stress resilience training to grow high-performance teams and improve their bottom line. Learn how to calm your mind and build self awareness to succeed at work. In this session, we give a candid, eye-opening talk about stress and what it's costing business. We'll talk to you about mindfulness and why it could change your life and career, the benefits to business and how to apply it immediately to work and life.   

work-life balance: winning with mindfulness 

A surprising and thought provoking look at the myth of work-life balance. The traditional walls that separated our personal and professional lives no longer exist because we live in a hyper connected world. Work-life has become a fictitious split and when we strive to find the 'perfect' balance it can do more harm to our health than good. This talk explores why we need to sharpen our attentional awareness, stay focused in the present moment and be less judging of ourselves.

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