12 ways to be happy right now

12 ways to be happy right now

It's easy to think of happiness as a goal or something that is dependent on material things. Many of us say, "Once I'm making this or that income, then I'll be happy" or, "Once I'm ten pounds lighter, then I'll be happy", or "When I retire and can do what I want, then I'll be happy." 

While the conditions of our lives may contribute to part of our happiness, I think it's likely that happiness is also highly dependent upon our ability to live in the present moment. About how we relate to ourselves and others. About how we choose to walk through life. 

I'll be the first to admit...

What happens when you hit a fork in the road

What happens when you hit a fork in the road

There are times when we find ourselves at a fork in the road.

Sometimes it's by choice. Sometimes it's not.

You've been travelling down a familiar road for what feels like a long time. There are minor bumps along the way, but little of consequence.  

Suddenly you're caught up in a tornado. You know it's not life threatening but you still take cover and when you eventually open your eyes, you find yourself at a fork in the road. 

Have you been there? At that fork in the road? 

It's a somewhat familiar place for me...