Being Present

Ice cream, Netflix and Mindfulness

Ice cream, Netflix and Mindfulness

When life tests you, I’ll bet the very first thing you do is find a quiet room and meditate, right?

Your cat just knocked over a vase with flowers, the laundry’s stacked up waiting to be folded, you’ve got an angry colleague you have to deal with, you’re going through a family crisis and amidst all of this, you reach for a meditation cushion. 

Wait, that’s not the first thing you think of doing?! 

I’ll let you into a little secret. It’s not the first thing I think of doing either.

Why The Time To Slow Down Is When You Don't Have Time

Why The Time To Slow Down Is When You Don't Have Time

When was the last time you kicked back, did absolutely nothing and investigated what it feels like to be bored? 

I'm guessing you might be challenged to pinpoint the time.

Avoiding boredom, staying busy, working longer hours, not taking care of yourself and celebrating that you can function on less sleep, won't help you achieve your goals faster.

Living our lives in this way, won't serve us, or others well. And in the long run it's likely going to cause illness and burnout.

Why then, do so many of us get stuck on this hamster wheel that keeps going faster and faster and doesn't stop unless we choose to stop it - or worse - when we're forced to?