Have a question about our Unlock The Power Of Mindfulness Workshop? We've got you covered!


Will this be another event that’s going to take up my valuable time and not deliver anything I can actually use?  

A: Our workshops are 100% focused on value and practicality for you. Which means, the moment the workshop ends you immediately apply the lessons and get tangible benefit.

What kind of people will I meet at this workshop? 

A: We’re fortunate that our mindfulness events attract smart, talented people like you! You’ll meet senior business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and educators. Many go on to forge great relationships.

Isn’t meditation some kind of mystical woo-woo?

A: Mindfulness meditation is skill that anyone can learn. It’s simple and completely accessible to everyone. The approach is practical, non-religious and complements whatever your worldview happens to be.

I’m interested in the workshop, but how would I ever make time to meditate?

A: Mindfulness creates space in your day to see more clearly. The good news is you can practice it without adding any items on your to-do list, our workshop will show you how!

How will it help my professional growth or business?

A: A wide range of recent studies have cited specific business benefits of mindfulness including better concentration, memory and learning, improved productivity, stronger relationships, greater job satisfaction, increased creativity and decreased burnout.

Is there proof that meditation benefits people?

A: Science is backing the claims of mindfulness with more precision because through MRI studies we can see how meditation changes the brain. For example, a 2013 study by Harvard Medical School found that those who meditate can more easily ignore distractions. You’ll get all the latest info at the workshop.

Have companies reported how mindfulness training has affected their corporate culture and effectiveness?

A: Well known organizations, such as General Mills, Aetna, Intel and Google have long recognized the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Google trains 2000 engineers each year in mindfulness, one of their most popular programs, 'Search Inside Yourself' has a wait list stretching 6 months.

What period of time is typical for an individual to begin seeing the effects of mindfulness?

A: There’s growing research in this area. Many of our students experience a shift after 4 weeks of practicing 10 minutes a day. The most important thing to know, is even taking 3 conscious breaths a day can make a huge difference.