The digital era has eroded attentiveness in youth and the stress that students now find themselves under directly impacts their ability to focus, learn and thrive. There is a mountain of growing research around the increase and issues surrounding student related stress. High school students in the 2010s were twice as likely to see a professional for mental health issues, than those in the 1980's. More teens struggle to remember things and report trouble sleeping compared to their peers in the 1980s. And Education Canada found that 53% of students reported moderate to severe overall levels of stress with 68% of students reporting an interest in learning about stress and effective stress management.

The WAKEFUL youth package includes:

  • An evidence-based mindfulness curriculum for K-12
  • A toolbox and step by step training kit for teachers 
  • 15 modules, each lasting 3-5 minutes, taught up to 3 times per day over 8 weeks
  • Lessons include mindful breathing, mindful listening, mindful emotions, mindfulness & compassion
  • Summaries of neuroscience concepts
  • Program evaluation tools, student workbooks
  • A bell for each classroom and brief training with it


"Kate will 'WakeUp' your interest in mindfulness and motivate you to create healthy change in your life. It is clear from Kate's engaging presentation that she is passionate about this topic-she clearly walks the talk. A quarter of our staff have signed up for her 4 week course to further their learning on mindfulness." 

— Lisa M. Duranleau, Executive Director, MacLachlan College

"When I attended Kate's workshop training I learned about how being mindful might help me through life’s difficulties.  Kate’s comprehensive understanding of the science and physiology behind meditation and of the various techniques and methods towards enlightenment helps you to build a foundation, but she knows enough to let you get there yourself."

— William Harper, MD, FRCPC, Associate Professor of Medicine, Divisions of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, McMaster University. Chief of Medicine, Hamilton General Site of Hamilton Health Sciences.