One-On-One Mindful Mentoring


One-On-One Mindful Mentoring

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Our mentoring programs provide on-going support and accountability for people who've completed one of our corporate training workshops or programs as well as those new to mindfulness. All our mentoring sessions provide support and guidance for individuals seeking ways to build resilience and reduce stress.

After you select your program, you’ll be asked to complete a simple on-line form that takes a few minutes, to give us a better understanding of your needs.

Our unique approach to mindful mentoring combines stress management consulting with formal meditation practice to maximize your return on investment.  


  • Training is conducted via Zoom meetings

  • 15-30 minute guided mindfulness practice based on evidence-based curriculum

  • Tailored guidance on ways to reframe stress at home or at work, develop mindful communications skills, build stronger relationships

  • Proven tools and techniques to develop resilience, self awareness, compassion, emotional intelligence and self-care

  • Simple applications you can apply immediately to your work or life

  • Accountability support for your on-going practice and training with a fully qualified senior mindfulness teacher

  • MP3 Recording of the session, so you can go over anything you missed AND benefit from our recorded guided meditation sessions


If you are wondering if my mentoring is right for you, I offer a free 20-minute consultation where we can get to know each other a little better and see if it’s a good fit for both of us.

Click HERE to book your free 20 minute consult.


We offer a range of programs and pricing structures to suit individual and corporate needs. To receive the maximum benefit and keep up the momentum, we recommend you book your sessions on a weekly basis. However, we know that everyone has busy schedules so we've built in a FLEXIBLE timeframe for you to use your hourly sessions with us. If something comes up and you need to re-schedule, just let us know.

1 hour mentoring session

To be used within 3 weeks.

3 hour mentoring program

To be used within 6 weeks.

5 hour mentoring program

To be used within 10 weeks.

10 hour mentoring program

To be used within 20 weeks

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"Kate you are truly a gifted facilitator. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such empathy and compassion. You are inspirational. So much of what you shared has resonated deeply with me. I’ve experienced adversity many times in my life but in the last few years it has affected my health and happiness and I’ve been searching for how to regain my balance. Your retreat was just what I needed. Thank you for 'waking’ me up and helping me find my way back to me." — Carolyn Simpson, President, Money Moods Incorporated

"When I attended Kate's workshop training I learned about how being mindful might help me through life’s difficulties. Kate’s comprehensive understanding of the science and physiology behind meditation and of the various techniques and methods towards enlightenment helps you to build a foundation, but she knows enough to let you get there yourself." — William Harper, MD, FRCPC, Associate Professor of Medicine, Divisions of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, McMaster University. Chief of Medicine, Hamilton General Site of Hamilton Health Sciences.

"Kate Kerr of Wake Up Kate is not only a captivating storyteller, she is an inspirational teacher. We were very lucky to have Kate deliver her mindfulness and stress reduction session last month for our staff at the Canadian Cancer Society." — Deirdre Brough, Associate Director, Corporate Engagement, Canadian Cancer Society, National Office.

"Kate will 'WakeUp' your interest in mindfulness and motivate you to create healthy change in your life. It is clear from Kate's engaging presentation that she is passionate about this topic-she clearly walks the talk. A quarter of our staff have signed up for her 4 week course to further their learning on mindfulness." — Lisa M. Duranleau, Executive Director, MacLachlan College

"Since learning how to listen carefully, mindfully, without thinking about what I’m going to say next, I have become more authentically me. Letting go of thinking ahead, and embracing trust in my moment to moment thought process, I have been able to be more present with my experiences and the people in my life." — Laura Murphy, Vice President, VelocityEHS